♦ You are the beginning of a Catholic nationalist movement (one year old), a very recent formation which has begun to be talked about. How did you get the idea?

We are primarily a meta-political and cultural training school, the idea of founding a “movement” so to speak came after. We do not intend to make competition with other comrades’ operations but rather seek to offer these comrades solid training, without binding commitment to Deus Vult. We all come from a nationalist background but we all felt like putting up posters, distributing flyers, without the parallel cultural education was useless and that many other movements had already done that before us with no results. We ourselves have attended various meetings etc. and after studying the methods of our opponents, we found that the ideology of May 68 (civil unrest in France which led to a Marxist cultural revolution), liberalism, modernism, and the spirit of the Revolution generally imposed themselves in three main areas: culture, education and media.

In our movement, few groups are interested in these areas although we feel a new attraction today for the meta-political and cultural struggle. We started with the desire to create a movement whose action would lead to an anti-May 68, offering through various associations related to Deus Vult, constructive access to culture as well as intellectual and practical instruction in the aim to forge a new generation of activists, educated and able to act as effectively as possible.

In addition to providing this training we also seek to reach all of the French youth in the context of a cultural and specifically moral revival which our populations, alas increasingly decadent, badly needs, and which is a prerequisite for any sustainable political and religious recovery.

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♦ What is the profile of the founders of the movement?

We prefer to speak of a spirit, and the spirit of Deus Vult’s founders is one of transcendence, of taking initiative and of sacrifice to the service of the common good. We are looking for a certain intellectual, spiritual and athletic excellence all in one.


♦ Do you have any mentors?

We have One: Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the engine of our fight because we are convinced that NOTHING can be built without Him. As Saint Pius X rightly wrote: “we do not edify the society unless the Church lays the foundations”. Our fight for the social and real kingship of Our Lord is therefore essential.

In terms of specific “inspirations”: Saint Louis for his intransigence in matters of faith and his Christian Art in governing the people; Charles Peguy for his prose that intimates so well the eternal spirit of France; Joseph de Maistre for his counter-revolutionary philosophy; Archbishop Lefebvre for his fight for the Holy Mass and the eternal church; Charles Maurras for his nationalist and royalist doctrine; Robert Brassillach and Leon Degrelle who, each in their respective commitments, have gone until the end of sacrifice and have always been able to see the world through the eyes of a poet.

We are also interested in some of our contemporaries, like Julien Langella with his book “Youth in Power”, Alain Escada for the fight towards a Catholic society he is leading courageously and some revisionist historians in their struggle for truth.

In general, we are inspired by all that is true to French and Christian thought.


♦ If we judge by the actions of the French members of Deus Vult relayed on your website, the movement seems to swarm all over France. What areas are you located in?

The group was launched in Paris, so most of its members are in Île-de-France (Paris Area), but we have opened local offices and relays in several regions:  Aquitaine, Alsace-Lorraine, Normandie, Toulouse, Lilles and Bretagne. We aim to expand our ideals throughout the kingdom of France, which is the Realm of Mary.

To our happy surprise, this French initiative is now expanding outside our borders and is becoming truly Universal, with the recent start of Deus Vult projects in England, Canada, USA, Mexico and Poland.


♦ To your assets; you have made some achievements: cutting down a Masonic tree, which was relayed in the press; Alain Escada’s conference about Léon Degrelle; a very interesting and frequently updated website etc. Have you defined a specific strategy to make people talk about you?

Our communication is fairly standard and is primarily expressed through our new website: and the use of social networking; you can find the reports of our activities, background articles, news commentaries, sarcastic articles, reports, etc. all there.

As purely political soldiers, we also communicate with the classic activism of stickers, flyers, etc. We cannot claim to want to make a “national cultural rebirth” if we are not able to distribute leaflets or spend sleepless nights campaigning! Activism is very educational, it leads to a healthy cohesion and helps keep our feet on the ground.

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♦ What look would you give to Deus Vult? Just a friendly political-religious movement? A political party to eventually present itself to local elections? A militia?

Deus Vult started as a group of friends, and we want that to remain one of its features, with the construction of a true community spirit that will lead to the revival and strengthening of a Christian society through our boxing clubs, wine tasting, book clubs, film, song and conferencing.

Our goal is to continue with the youth and the older men the actions of already existent structures such as traditional Catholic private schools or priories of the SSPX etc. whilst offering a wider panel of training options. We are planning the creation of a Web-TV with vox-pops and culturally rooted reporting.


♦ Is Deus Vult only a youth movement? What profiles are you looking for in priority? Do you have to be Catholic?

Deus Vult is open for all, we are favourable toward intergenerational meetings, even if our main target is the youth. You must accept the common core, which is based on the love and defence of France, Europe and the Catholic faith. So generally the majority recruited are white French from a Catholic religious and cultural background.

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♦ What would you tell to a reader who feels in tune with your analysis and seeks to join?

“Deus Vult” is the historical motto of the Crusaders, and translates into English as “God wills it!” or “it is the Will of God”. And the Good Lord requires that we work for Him and for the restoration of his rule over all our lives and our societies. Through our structure you will receive political training, then you will be able to transmit this knowledge and learn the basics of activism whilst participating in various cultural activities we mentioned above. All in a healthy (and above all Holy) environment where the practice of prayer will be accompanied by that of humour alongside strong companionship.

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♦ What differentiates you from other organisations such as Front National, Parti de France or the very recent Parti Nationaliste Français?

We differ from “political parties” because we simply are not one. The parties divide a country whilst we seek unity. Frankly, we just do not support democracy, with the exception of municipal and corporate levels. While electoral parties are forced to woo the public, we have the will to change as best as we can the society we live in. We want to work for the common good in a deeper way, grounded in the reality of daily life in 21st century France.

In addition, we rely on the quality of our work and not the amount of votes in our favour.

The spirit of the apostles is essential, because many of our national comrades have not received religious education and have little knowledge of the beauty of Catholicism, which alone made France great and alone is our salvation.